Step 1; Designing Your Dream Pool: We work together with our customers to fulfill their vision for a backyard oasis. We are also happy to work with an architect or designer that the client has an existing relationship with. If needed, we offer hardscape and landscaping elements at your property to ensure your backyard is everything you imagined.

Step 2; Creating a Budget: Once a design has been completed, our team will create an estimate that includes not only the work for the pool installation read here, but also the accompanying work associated with it’s installation and operation. This includes gas and electric, hardscape, fencing, and more.

Step 3; Contract: After the completion of the Pool Design and Budget, Nantucket Oasis will create an all-inclusive contract for your pools installation, complete with a start and completion date.

Step 4; HDC Approval and Building Permit: If needed, our team will take your pool, hardscape, and/or landscape plan to the Nantucket Historic District Commision for approval. Once we gain approval from the HDC, we will file and pull a building permit for the installation of your pool.

Step 5; Pool Construction: Because Nantucket Oasis owns our own Gunite and Plaster trucks we are able to handle all aspects of the pool construction without the use of any subcontractors. This allows us to control the timeline of our installations and effectively communicate with the client every step of the way.

Step 6; Inspections and Closing of Permit: To ensure the client approach is hands-off, Nantucket Oasis will handle all building inspections required by the Town of Nantucket throughout the construction process. These included steel, electrical bonding, gas, and HDC inspections. Once all sign-offs are completed, we will secure an As-Built Survey followed by a ‘Certificate of Occupancy’ for the new customer’s pool.

Step 7; Walk Through: Upon completion of your backyard oasis, our team will conduct a walk through with the client to demonstrate all the pool’s controls, and further answer any questions the customer may have.

Step 8; Pool Service: Nantucket Oasis will maintain the appropriate chemical levels and water quality of your pool through a weekly or bi-weekly servicing schedule. Any issues with your pool on a day-to-day basis can be solved by our professional service team, ranked 1st by Nantucket Magazine for the best servicing company on the island.